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Kit Home Luxury Care Anti-age Cream

Kit Home Luxury Care Anti-age Cream

€ 24,90Prijs

Kit Luxury Anti-age Cream.

Ideal for normal or natural hair.


This is a hydronourishing anti-ageing shampoo composed of a mixture of active agents from high cosmetics. The result is immediate and improves wash on wash, giving the hair softness, nutrition and hydration, and bringing back its natural splendour.


· The union of Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, collagen and caviar extract reconstructs and repairs the hair in a single treatment.
· Included in your regular washing routine, it maintains and improves the results obtained with any beauty salon treatment from the Luxury Care line.

Lends hydration and nutrition to the hair.
The caviar extract repairs, revitalises and restructures the broken keratin links, giving the hair silky, shiny effect.


· Ideal for normal or natural hair.
· Optimise the results by using it after washing your hair with Luxury Shampoo.



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